DESENZANOLOFT SRLS: Who we are, what we do, our goals ...

DesenzanoLoft was born in 2013 from an idea by Carlo Claverini our founding partner and current CEO

Our History:

In 2008, after having bought a house in the Ticino municipality of Pura (Lugano), Carlo decided to divide the spaces and transform his villa into two independent apartments, the part dedicated to hospitality Carlo publishes it on a new portal dedicated to short-term rentals, within a few years that portal would become a vacation rental giant, it was being born… AIRBNB.
The results were immediate, Hospitality and Vacation rental represented for our CEO a horizon to look beyond, in 2009 Claverini enrolled in the first property management school in Mendrisio (CH), after three years he obtained the property master manager… is the turning point.
Arrived for reasons of heart on the shores of Lake Garda, Carlo immediately perceived the great potential of the new market and set up his first agency in Desenzano del Garda, it was the spring of 2013.
The first owners begin to gradually trust DesenzanoLoft and entrust us with what they hold most dear ... The properties, thanks to an accurate advertising campaign and word of mouth from the owners themselves, today DesenzanoLoft manages about a hundred properties on the Brescia side of the Benaco.


From 2017/2018 the hospitality market has undergone a change of course, tourists who previously stayed only in hotels are now considering the possibility of renting apartments and villas to spend their holidays. From that moment, Desenzanoloft began to carefully select the properties and owners to manage, affiliating only the highest quality structures.


Mr. Claverini sees us along once again, in a world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, near the railway station, the first self check-in totem is installed, thanks to the startup collaboration in the sector.

2020: COVID-19

As already mentioned above thanks to the automation of the entrances to a careful cleaning and sanitization of the environments, 2020 is the year of the consecration, many accommodation facilities do not open, some have remained behind, DesenzanoLoft is around 80% of the rate of employment compared to the data of the previous year.


In the post-pandemic summer of 2022 another change of course for DESENZANOLOFT, our guests feel the need for human contact and our owners need to have more controls on their apartments, and here are the accompanying hostesses who welcome the guest in the desired language. We make them feel... at home.The method also allows you to have greater control over the apartment and no material damage that is not repaid by the security deposit. The owners appreciate and DESENZANOLOFT increases the manage


We select from the proposing owners the most functional properties for family tourism, without forgetting the transit and business tourism, thanks to the collaboration with other Property Manager agencies, traditional real estate agencies, local football teams and word of mouth from those who arrive. on the lake to teach, we choose the most satisfactory profitability formula for our owners, WITHOUT ANY RISK OF DEFAULT.


composed of fixed and seasonal units, they represent 5 different nationalities, at least 8 languages ​​spoken, and are endowed with patience, humility and a lot of aspiration.