Are you an owner?

Do You have a property to rent for short time in a Gardasee zone ? Are you live far of the area and you can not follow your property '? DO YOU WANT TO TRANSFORM YOUR PROPERTY IN A HOLIDAY HOME A 5 STARS? RELAX WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING.

THE DESENZANOLOFT composed by a qualified and experienced team and have a view your apartment / house / villa / cottage / holiday and after a detailed visit we will be grateful to tell you how much you can earn every week ...

The apartments promoted by our agency there are about 70 international sites in all of the languages ​​of the world, We handle everything:

  • Valuation and Property class display
  • Photo Shoot
  • Advertisement 'and marketing
  • Clients receptions
  • Provision of bed linen and towels for all occupants
  • Initial and final cleaning
  • Guest registration at the police headquarters of competence
  • Supply of promotional voucher holidaymakers
  • Provision of parking space in case your property it was not provided
  • Management, collection and disbursement of payments
  • Tax advisory and administrative
  • Assistence Service to tourists h 24
  • Supply of logon credentials to our online booking panel (using this function the owner should 'always know the status of: current reservations, bookings to come, booking confirmed, liquidations occurred, rates etc.)

So if you are an owner, a manager or a person entitled to a property close the eyes and relax... ASSIGNED TO US.

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